About - SlowSilverJewelry

The story behind Slow Silver Jewelry

I perfectly remember the moment when I knew that working with metals is something for me. I was on a school trip in an archaeological settlement and I saw a blacksmith making a sword. For me, an eight years old boy, it was simply gorgeous and I was sure that it’s exactly the kind of thing that I want to try at home. Unfortunately my family lived in a flat so you can imagine that it’s not that easy to have an anvil in a bedroom. But this meeting with an old craft truly inspired me and turned my mind to a new direction – I started to learn about armors, weapons, chemistry and working with different metals. Step by step I became interested in jewelry making. And that was it!

I was learning on my own mistakes (my parents still have the proof of that on the floor in the kitchen), read a lot and finally went to a local goldsmith, an old master of the art, who taught me the traditional techniques of jewelry making. First I made jewelry for my family and friends. And then for friends of my friends. After some time I knew that it’s something serious and it could be a real job for me. So here I am – making what I really love and what is a great pleasure for me.

In my workshop I always focus on making beautiful and comfortable jewelry. I really like simplicity of form, so the most important thing in my work is to make a stone setting which will fully show the natural beauty of the stone. When I design my jewelry I want it to be an everyday accessory – this little but precious detail of your outfit you want to have always with you. Because of it I like custom orders – it’s great thing to make something special and unrepeatable just for you.

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