• How is Slow Silver jewelry packed?

    Safety is a priority since many of my packages travel thousands of miles to other continents, so they have to be well protected against mechanical damage and humidity.
  • What should you know about moonstones?

    Moonstone is one of those remarkable gemstones that can change it's appearance in different light conditions. Sometimes it's simply transparent. But if you tilt it a little bit, magic happens and the gemstone shines with hues of blue or even rainbow colors.
  • How to measure ring size?

    After many hours spent looking for an engagement ring you finally found The One. It's just as it should be. You already chose the material and the gemstone. You could just hit the 'purchase' button but... you don't know the ring size. And now what to do? In this article you will learn what are the methods of measuring a ring size and how to execute them, and how to achieve it in secret.