Moonstone is a gemstone you could fall head over heels in love with. That happened to me - it's pretty much my favorite gem. If you're curious why it's so exceptional and what kinds of jewelry can be made using it you should read this article :) 

Blue moonstone set in a white gold ring

How does a moonstone look like? 

Moonstone is one of those remarkable gemstones that can change it's  appearance in different light conditions. Sometimes it's simply transparent. But if you tilt it a little bit, magic happens and the gemstone shines with hues of blue or even rainbow colors. 

That's the special charm of moonstones and that's what makes them  so unique. They can vary greatly from one another and it's impossible to  find two identical ones. The hues can be very similar, but the viewing  angles for the shimmering effect and the 'texture' of the shimmer will  be different.

The hues can vary greatly. Some are almost violet, others can be cyan.  Multicolored rainbow-like ones will all have different stripes or zones  of colors. Looking at these stones is pure pleasure and deciding which  one of a lot is the most beautiful can sometimes be a really tough task. 

Where does moonstone come from? What does the AAA letters in it's description stand for?

Natural gemstones always vary in quality. The best moonstones come from  India and Sri Lanka. They are mined in many other places though. How to  spot lower quality? The shimmering effect can be almost non-existent.  There could be cracks and inclusions making the stone look milky white  instead of transparent. Some stones can be mixed, showing areas of milky  cracks and beautiful shimmering, like the stone below. Sometimes in a  gemstone description you'll find AAA letters. Those letters relate to  the clarity and quality of the stone. If it has the three As then it  should be transparent, no undesired flaws and it should have a pleasant  shimmer.

Every moonstones will have different qualities and possible  imperfection. That's just how it is with natural stones - only lab grown  gemstones have perfect inner structure. This being sad, there are no  lab created moonstones. 


The changing appearance of moonstones make them remarkably hard to  photograph. Photography usually can't give enough credit to moonstones -  they're so much better in person!


For whom is moonstone best? What are the best occasions for gifting moonstones? 

Moonstone is June's birthstone so it's obviously a good birthday gift  for someone born in June. It's also great for people born under the  zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer. But of course it's not only for these  people. Here are a couple of ideas for moonstone jewelry:

  • Engagement rings. Because they're unique and original, moonstones are great for  engagement rings. They're a good alternative for more traditional  diamonds. They look good in silver, as well in all colors of gold.
  • Anniversary. Moonstone rings are mostly use for engagement, but celebrating an  anniversary with them is also a great idea. Other moonstone jewelry,  like necklaces and earrings are also a good choice. 
  • Childbirth. Giving moonstone jewelry to a new mother is a wonderful tradition, and  the gift will serve as a fond reminder of this life-changing event.